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Connecting International Law to the People who need it the most

I am a global nomad; I was born in the Emirates, grew up in Scotland and trace my ancestral descent to Sudan. Arabic is my mother tongue and I speak English with a bit of a Scottish accent.

Currently, I am a Gates Scholar at the end of a PhD in International Law. I have an LLM in Natural Resources Law and Policy from the Centre for Energy Petroleum Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP), University of Dundee and completed my undergraduate education at Ahfad University for Women, Sudan.

My commitment to international law is primarily motivated by the desire to connect international law to the people who need it the most. I believe this can only be done by ensuring that international principles reflect the lived experience of those who are often pushed to the margins. My doctoral thesis highlights boundary areas as sites of transboundary self-determination and argues for the rights of communities between borders. Especially those negatively affected by an international boundary or a territorial change they did not freely determine. With that said, I think innovative law-making is an effective decolonising tool.

I have been privileged to pursue opportunities where I learned from local communities, worked with the highest-ranking officials in governments and was mentored by leaders of international organisations. My primary goal is to combine my professional experience and legal training to find solutions to the worlds most pressing humanitarian needs. In that process, I would like to pass it forward and share with others some of the lessons I've learned along the way. 

Policy Consultant

  • Over 8 years of humanitarian and development experience

  • I specialise in the implementation of international law

  • The output I'm most proud of is the Somali National Action Programme to the UNCCD,

  • In consultation with over 400 stakeholder representatives, the Programme was endorsed by the Prime Minister of Somalia.

Legal Researcher

  • I specialise in action-based legal research 

  • I have an excellent command of black-letter law but prefer complex legal questions entailing the human element

  • My LLM dissertation and PhD thesis are my proudest research outputs alongside the Natural Resources Sector Study I developed for the Somaliland Government.


  • If you're curious about my career and have questions,

  • Interested in pursuing a PhD and not sure where to start

  • Or would like to chat about areas of common interest, feel free to get in touch.

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