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Law. Policy. Practice.

Legal counsel. Policy researcher. Mentor.


My name is Harum Mukhayer and I am a public international lawyer. I have committed 12 years of my career to international development, public international law, policy practice, and helping governments design effective policies to eradicate poverty and boost shared prosperity.

My on-the-ground experience has focused on natural resources law and the sustainable management of resources within as well as across State borders. A topic that proves its relevance post-COVID 19 and beyond.

I have worked with the UN in Sudan, South Sudan and Somalia, and conducted research on various regional and international contexts; like my research, my intellectual curiosity has no territorial bounds.

I come from Sudan, completed my PhD on transboundary rights at the Lauterpacht Centre, Cambridge and currently working with The World Bank as Legal Counsel. 


If you would like to start a conversation about areas of common interest or are interested in being mentored by me, please get in touch!


How I Can Help You

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